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  1. I have a problem in authentication when I try to dowload Guardian Sensei. And also i cannot uograde my Lite mebership to Pro membership.


    1. Zarorix


      Pro Membership hasn't been released yet.
      We only have Lite Membership.

      Once we release Pro Membership you will be able to upgrade to it. :) 

    2. horizon8882


      Perfect, ty very much :)

  2. Hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday! 👻

  3. Getting my . Alright Saturday, whatcha got? 🤨

    1. salad55


      shot ya message Karma, its about web authentication, more info is in the message along with a pic, any help is greatly appreciated! email is [email protected]

    2. stalin
  4. hello i cant access to any game for your products and cant buy any thing neither 

    1. blalee6


      Error code: 1F176/3


  5. Hey Alexa :) I dont speak very good english but i think u ll understand:

    So... I got a 1 month BF1 hack and is working perffect, but i see a second game to use cheat here int the menu hack, i want to know if work: Player Unknown Batleground.